186 St. Team

Ms. Cinderella

Hostess Kitty

"Cinder"ella is a female Maine Coon cat who turned 3 years old on January 23rd of this year. She is happy to greet people and especially happy to meet other cats. She'll greet little dogs and is curious with puppies. The big barking biys and girls she'll give plenty of space.

We recently brought a brand new Cat Tree into the Hospital to see how she'd like it. We have retired her "reception desk" bed as she doesn't use it anymore. You will now likely find her inside her cat house, or spawled out somewhere near it. She likes to give kitty kisses and will happily accept petting and attention. She recently has picke up the habit of playing fetch with zip ties! If she drops one at your feet, she's expecting you to throw it.

Ms. Sam Kupchuk

Manager / Veterinarian Office Assistant

Samantha has been with 186 St. Animal Hospital since June 2015. She has lived in the Clayton/Cloverdale area all her life, to which there has always been at least one cat and one dog.

She equally loves both cats and dogs, and currently cares for her 11 year old "Feral" rescue cat Tank (Because he's a big boy!) and her near 10 year old Labrador Retriever X "Daytona" (Because she's fast like a Nascar!). While she enjoys many aspects of her job, she loves to see the smiling, relieved faces of pet parents when they come to pick-up their beloved who was not feeling 100% when they first came in. She believes in giving the same care to patients as she would want and give to her own companions. Samantha does all she can to support pet parents during emotional times. She has had animals as long as she can remember and knows the emotional and hard times that can and will happen when it comes to being a pet owner.

She believes she will always have cats and dogs in her life. A cat cuddle or a trip to a pond with a dog is often a highlight of her day.

Mrs. Jolene Connelly-Pitts

Veterinary Office Assistant

Jolene grew up in the Cariboo with a family that always had at least one cat and dog, while having many friends with cattle, horses, and other farm animals. Least to say, she was always surrounded by pets of all shapes and sizes. When she moved to the Lower Mainland, she worked different office and customer service jobs, but always felt unsatisfied and like something was missing. She finally decided to apply to some Veterinary Clinics as an Assistant, looking for more rewarding work, and found 186.St Animal Hospital and has been thoroughly enjoying her new career choice! At home, she has two adorable and handsome cats (Remington and Benjamin), and five reptiles.

Jolene is currently on maternity leave and we look forward to seeing her back in 2021!

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